In The Loop with NORA

Ep. 8 Advancing Carbon-Free Home Heating With Service Professionals

December 19, 2023 NORA Season 1 Episode 8
In The Loop with NORA
Ep. 8 Advancing Carbon-Free Home Heating With Service Professionals
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In this episode, we chat with 5 individuals whose technical expertise in the low carbon liquid heating systems is helping elevate the next wave of energy service professionals.

Our first guest is Eugene Silberstein, Director of Technical Education and Standards with the ESCO Institute. Eugene shares his overall take on the advancements of the industry, from equipment to service personnel, and how ESCO institute is working with NORA to help change the impression of our industry.

Next up we have Dave Holdorf, a service trainer for Taco Comfort Solutions and OESP, whose career spans over 25 years. Dave shares his thoughts on key aspects that heating professionals should identify when working with customers to create a more efficient heating system.

Joining the discussion is Angel Gonzalez, the National VP for OESP. A leader in the energy field, Angel has spent 41 plus years in the industry, starting with a small oil company in New York. Angel’s passion for education in the service industry brings a wealth of experience to the discussion today.

Our fourth service expert is Al Breda, Past President with OESP, who has been part of OESP for 30 years. With years of experience in the field, Al shares his thoughts on how fuel has evolved over the last three decades and how service technicians can elevate the customer experience today.

Last but certainly not least, we have Scott Vadino who is the President of Oil & Energy Service Professionals. Scott shares his take on how the industry has evolved since he began his career in 1985 and how the fuel today is helping create more efficient systems for homeowners while reducing the carbon footprint.

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